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Enterprising and Progressive

Marcea Lane is a wonderful example to all young dancers inspiring them to follow their dreams.  Dance does not stop once you walk off the stage; it crosses over into many aspects.  She is an inspiration to young and old, enterprising and progressive! She is now a Master Dance Instructor on Adrenaline Dance Convention and new this year starting the Verve Dance Intensive in Dallas, Texas in July.

Marcea’s Professional Dance Career

Marcea’s dance career started at a very young age of four years old.   Starting off in the small Iowa dance school, she received basic training enough to know that she wanted to be a professional dancer.  With a stroke of good luck, her family moved to California.  There she was crowned 1976 Miss Hemet (California), a role that forced her to acclimate quickly to a very public life.  Marcea took dance classes at her local junior college, but her heart was also set on doing jazz.  She planned a two-hour drive to Los Angeles to take classes at Joe Tremaine’s studio.  Classes there were packed with over 75 people in each class.  For over five years Marcea took class with Tremaine whenever possible; “I set out to be in his face”, says Marcea. Whatever she learned at Tremaine’s she passed on to her students at her own studio.  Finally her break came, at a convention in Las Vegas; Marcea was called on stage to assist Joe Tremaine.  She became his teaching assistant, which was a position she held for 17 years.

Working with Hollywood’s Biggest Stars

In addition to working side by side with one of the jazz greats, Marcea took the dance industry by storm with working with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars: Barbra Streisand, Sting, Janet Jackson, Natalie Cole, Prince and the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson.  To date, working on Michael Jackson’s music video “Thriller” stands out as her most memorable project.

While living in Palm Springs, Marcea would drive two hours to rehearsal, after receiving a position in his music video, beating out hundreds of dancers that auditioned for the part. Barbra Streisand personally picked her for a position in her “Left In the Dark” video.


On the choreography side of the dance floor, Marcea worked on projects for both Sting and Prince.  Prince was her greatest challenge on “Bat Dance”.  You had to be very professional with him and he was quite demanding.  Marcea has worked on numbers for the Academy Awards and on the Emmys.  These performances are so rewarding as they are so exciting and everyone watches them.

Marcea Activewear

Her third career started somewhat unexpectedly.  The beginning of Marcea Activewear began in 1988 and stood strong for 27 years.   At one convention with dancewear exhibits a woman held up a leotard and asked Marcea if she like it.  Her reply was to make a few alterations here and there.  The woman presented the leotard to her the next day, flattered by the gift, Marcea wore it and the dancers flocked to admire it.  From that, the Marcea Active Wear line was born.

“I always knew I would be a businesswoman of some sort,” she declared. “I had started in business quite young, teaching dance classes in my parents garage.  I owned my own dance school right out of high school.  When I started the business, I was still on the convention circuit and teaching master classes.” Once production was booming, Marcea was forced to learn the manufacturing business.  She started from the beginning and learned about fabrics and patterns and managing a large business.

Role Model and True Idol

Marcea has become a role model to tens of thousands throughout the nation. “I love working with the kids…teaching them Jazz dance and inspiring them to follow their dreams!! Yes, I’ve achieved success but money comes and money goes. Watching children grow and prosper is the true success in this field. I want to instill in them a sense of confidence and achievement and to inspire them.”

Marcea is a true idol. She has done such an amazing job dancing and has gone on to do other things. It’s good to let kids know that there is life after dance, it will always stay with you, but you can achieve amazing things when it’s in your heart.

To date, working on Michael Jackson’s music video “Thriller” stands out as her most memorable project.


Dance Conventions

  • Adrenaline Dance Convention: Master Class Instructor January 2016-Present
  • Tremaine Dance Conventions: Assistant to Joe Tremaine July 1984-1997
  • Choreographed and taught 9-11 classes per weekend (23 cities per season)
  • Main Judge:  Dance Competition  (100-125 numbers per city)
  • Assistant Choreographer: Faculty shows
  • Co Chairman Scholarship Awards committee: 10-20 scholarships per city

Marcea Lane Performing Arts Center

 CEO of Dance Studio November 1977-1989

  • Taught 30 classes per week (500 students)
  • Produced 7 Annual Dance Recital: 50-75 performances per show

Professional Videos & Television November

Professional Dancer and Choreographer

  • Agent Carter Television Show-featured dancer –Brian Friedman
  • Michael Jackson “Thriller” – featured dancer
  • Natalie Cole “Pink Cadillac” – featured dancer
  • Gladys Knight and the Pips “Love Overboard” – featured dancer
  • 50th Annual Academy Awards – featured dancer
  • Barbra Streisand “Left in the Dark” – featured dancer
  • 51st Annual Academy Awards – featured dancer
  • 1984 Emmy Awards – featured dancer
  • “Crystal Heart” – featured film dancer/choreographer/actor
  • Prince “Bat Dance” Assistant choreographer to Barry Lather
  • Janet Jackson “Control” MTV Awards Assistant choreographer to Barry Lather
  • Janet Jackson “Pleasure principles” Assistant Choreographer to Barry Lather
  • Paula Abdul “Vibeology Tour” Assistant choreographer to Barry Lather

CEO of Marcea Inc.

Primary CEO for overseeing 11-54 employees. 23,000 square ft. facility November 1988 – 2015